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In our activity we use high-quality brand materials that have long-term and successful influence in the market. Our system of work, the way of implementation of the buildings and the quality control system enables us to guarantee reliability, quality and expertise, all with fair prices.

Our services

Project and engineering preparation of buildings

Providing complex services in the area of project and engineering preparation of buildings.

Construction and investment activity

Our company will help you with your plans in various areas of construction. We have rich practical experience that we use in the construction of energetic, industrial, engineering and transport buildings as well as in the reconstruction of civil and historical buildings. We place great emphasis on the quality of our work, which builds the trust of our clients.


Providing the expert opinions

Our certified specialists in various areas of construction can, through their theoretical knowledge, assess the main energetic aspects of the buildings, and at the same time propose an appropriate solution to achieve energy savings. We have to respect our nature and therefore we propose measures that, in addition to considerable energy and thus financial savings, can also protect our environment by lowering the consumption of natural resources.


Consultancy and advisory service

We offer you not only the realization of your projects, but we also try to be part of your dreams. We are actively entering into pre-preparation work in the framework of mutual consultations and advisory activity. We want to be your partner throughout the building process and therefore we appreciate your openness in achieving your and our goals.

Valuation of the buildings

A standard part of our works is the valuation and budgeting of the buildings. Without these activities, it is not possible responsibly and taking account of the quality of the materials to optimize the cost of any building activity. That is why we place great emphasis on the valuation of construction work.

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