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 We have very pleasant experience in building our power unit   with MARCUS INDUSTRY, a.s. The company is experienced and   able to meet our needs and requirements. 

 Ing. Viliam Ferencei 

 Director of Košická energetická spoločnosť, a. s. 

Energetic constructions

Nowadays, it is very important to ensure optimal energy savings. Even when constructing a building, this savings can be achieved mainly by the quality of the construction work, the compliance with the project requirements, the use of quality materials and, last but not least, the experience that MARCUS INDUSTRY, a.s. has been showing for several years. Case study

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Each piece has its lifespan. This is the case with buildings too. From time to time, it is necessary to make arrangements to restore the building’s initial gloss again. MARCUS INDUSTRY, a.s. has extensive experience in the area of reconstructions, in energy and industrial constructions and both civil constructions, as well as in historical buildings.

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 We are satisfied with the service we receive from MARCUS   INDUSTRY, a.s. We have been cooperating on a number of   projects for a long time, which shows that we can rely on this   business partner and his experience”

 Ing. Arnold Bányász 

 managing director of ENERGYCO, s. r. o.  


Civil engineering and transport buildings

Our company´s 15 years of experience are also being used in the construction of civil engineering and transport constructions, in the process of which we cooperate with well-established specialized subcontractors and together we achieve high quality of the works.

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Building constructions

In the area of civil and housing construction we use only the best quality certified materials from renowned manufacturers and suppliers. With our close collaboration with project offices, we achieve high standards of quality of work and services. We place a strong emphasis on meeting your expectations and desires, which is a matter-of-course for us.

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