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Greening TEKO steam boiler

Greening TEKO steam boiler

The project provided an environmentally friendly combustion of natural gas and the discharge of flue gases into the TEKO I chimney. This boiler serves as replacement of technically outdated hot-water boiler HK4.

The implementation was focused on increasing the boiler’s maximum efficiency to 94%, improving the boiler parameters by reducing the minimum output to 33% and increasing the boiler dynamics to 12t / h / min.

Applied gas burner technology from Mehldau & Steinfath

Boiler: 142 MW
Nominal steam pressure: 13.64 MPa
Nominal steam temperature: 540 °C
Fuel: natural gas

Achieved values:

NOx max. 100mg/Nm3
TZL max. 5 mg/ Nm3
CO max. 50 mg/Hm3


Energetic constructions


Tepláreň Košice, a. s. v skratke TEKO, a. s.

Project implementation


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