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PK4 Boiler denitrification and flue gas desulfurization

PK4 Boiler denitrification and flue gas desulfurization

The project consists in carrying out the catalytic denitrification of combustion products on the basis of ceramic catalysts and active ammonia agent and realization of the desulphuration plant. For desulphurization, so-called semi-dry desulphurization method was used and as the sorbent is used CaO quicklime. The reduction of the solids content in the combustion products is ensured in the first stage by electrostatic percipitators and in the second stage by the fabric filters which are part of the desulphurization technology.


Denitrification parameters


Nominal steam output: 130 t/ h
Nominal steam pressure: 13.64 MPa

Nominal steam temperature: 540 °C


Desulphurization parameters


Number of boilers: 2

Combustion products flow rate (min. – max.): 56 000 – 360 000 Nm3/h

Combustion products temperature: 140 °C


Applied technology: Dry NID desulphurization method by manufacturer ALSTOM , SOx reduction efficiency more than 80% at minimal operating costs.


Energetic constructions


Tepláreň Košice, a. s. v skratke TEKO, a. s.

Project implementation


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